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Welcome to Clean Energy Solutions Ltd, a small yet dynamic engineering consultancy practice based in South West Cumbria.

We are a specialist company, formed in 2006, providing expert advice through to complete turnkey engineering design, development and implementation, especially delivering micro renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions for clients. In addition we provide multi-disciplinary engineering design, assessment and management covering civil, structural, geotechnical, mechanical, electrical and control disciplines for a variety of projects. This includes the use of AutoCAD, 3D solid modelling modelling and stress analysis software, which are supported by our partners.

With ever increasing energy costs, increased pollution levels, higher carbon taxes and reduced reliability of energy supplies (lower safety margin between supply and demand) from Utilities and the Grid, there is a growing need for people and businesses to reduce energy costs. This can be best achieved by using a range of available cost effective energy efficiency measures and also using proven renewable energy technologies and storage systems to, where applicable, reduce overall consumptions, become more self sufficient and sustainable and green.

With significant improvements being made in recent years through proven technologies and various incentives, clean, reliable and cost effective energy solutions are now within the grasp of many small to large businesses and home-owners, especially those that are typically high energy users (>20MWh/annum) and are keen to become more green. Depending on your energy requirements and your property and site, clean energy solutions can be implemented from simple energy efficiency measures to save you money (up to 30% of your annual energy costs) up to generating all or more of your energy using renewable energy.

By implementing energy efficiency and renewable energy measures, you can not only reduce your energy costs and carbon foot by reducing your carbon emissions on the environment, but in addition you may be able to generate a net revenue, payable by your electricity supplier, using net metering, whereby any excess green electricity generated on your site can be fed back into the grid for other users and attract a premium price. One of our key goals is to help people generate between 1kW up to 20kW, dependent upon resource availability and client requirements. However we will consider systems up to 200kW.

Typically a 10kW system can bring in a net revenue return of £8 - £10,000 per annum, which is increasing as energy costs and carbon costs rise. Payback periods for going green, sustainable and more self sufficient varies depending on the site, scale, technology, load factors, planning status and environmental consent status, the availability of grants and other incentives (such as RHI). For example it varies between as little as 2 years for renovating an existing site (i.e. an old mil race or waterwheel site) up to 12 years for a new site (run of river or wind turbine/solar site). Take a tour of the site which will be updated every 2 or 3 months. If you think we can help you then please call for no obligation advice.

For Biomass solutions, with both the attractive commercial and domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) tariffs and terms now available, this provides the opportunity for many business and private dwellings to significantly reduce their energy costs and help the environment. This should be done through a combination of energy efficient measures and appropriate renewable energy technologies. For instance, it is common to be able to reduce the total heat load requirements of traditional buildings, in a cost effective manner, often by well over 100%. This is normally assessed through a detailed EPC and/or CIBSE heat load calculation. A Green Deal assessment also includes an EPC and considers occupancy requirements for CH and DHW. Our partner Home Renewables provides a very cost effective service here as well as implementing heat pumps. A tailored Biomass system can then be designed, specified, installed and commissioned by Clean Energy Solutions to totally suit client requirements, space requirements and available wood resources. Typical total project costs will vary and this depends on the system being designed and installed and whether other complimentary renewable energy systems needs to be integrated with it (e.g. solar thermal, solar PV or heat pumps). Costs are general in the range of £11k to over £20k for domestic biomass systems, which might sound high, but through the RHI, this offer very lucrative ROI's of over 25% and basically free heating for 7 to 20 years.