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Current Projects

Clean Energy Solutions Ltd is currently working on developing up several preliminary and also several detailed feasibility studies for various sites with real micro-generation potential within Cumbria. These include restoring several old mill sites and developing several new sites for micro-hydro generation, solar and wind, heat pumps and combined heat and power using biomass and biogas

In addition, we are working to improve the energy efficiency of several SME's and in addition are developing up hybrid micro-generation solutions with our clients to provide the most cost effective, most environmentally benign and efficient solutions to provide clean energy and reduce costs e.g. solar thermal and pv, solar thermal and heat pump, hydro and wind, hydro and solar.

We are also providing specialist technology services to clients for the design, optimisation and substantiation of high integrity systems, mechanisms and structures using state-of-the-art analysis and simulation software (FEA and CFD). This includes bridges, buildings (civil, structural and architectural) and other civil and electro-mechanical structures.

With the launch of the domestic RHI for domestic biomass systems, and as an NICEIC MCS accredited biomass installer, we are busy providing people with tailored clean energy solutions to meet their future energy needs in a sustainable way. This is mainly in Cumbria but we also have commercial and domestic clients in Lancashire, Yorkshire and SW Scotland. Let us know if you would like no obligation advice, a site visit and quotation, and to work towards eradicating fuel poverty.