» Clean Energy Solutions LTD


  1. To provide high quality specialist consultancy services in safety design, analysis, procurement, implementation and commissioning.
  2. To help Cumbria become a safer and more vibrant place to live, work amd play, by supporting the 'energy coast' initiative and in helping communities to become more diverse and self-sufficient.
  3. To design, faciliate and implement socio-economic sustainable development projects that will ensure that vibrant and diversified communities are maintained thereby helping to regenerate Cumbria (linked with the energy coast initiative)
  4. To make people more aware of the financial incentives available to reduce carbon emissions, through energy efficiency and micro-generation.
  5. To make people more aware of the practical, pragmatic and cost effective energy efficiency solutions that are available
  6. To assist clients in deriving the optimum 'clean energy solution' for their requirements.
  7. To refurbish old mill sites with existing water-wheels or water turbines and identify new sites.
  8. To implement over 100kW per year of clean energy capacity and energy savings through energy efficiency and micro-generation.
  9. To help farms and other rural businesses reduce their running cost through diversification (energy, enviroment and eco tourism).