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Sustainable Development

Are you interested in sustainable construction and developments?  If so we can advise, facilitate, plan, design, project manage and/or implement innovative schemes for individuals and communities, including affordable houses, setting up community land trusts to empower people, green tourism, business start-ups and microgeneration.  We have a number of local partners with considerable expertise in sustainable planning, design, landscaping, construction and eco living.
The six aspects of sustainable construction are:-
1. To reduce operational energy by up to 90% through high energy efficiency and conservation and innovative technologies
2. To reduce embodied energy (that used for construction) by innovative design and use of materials
3. To reduce transportation energy - by sources local materials and smarter transport 
4. To reduce waste energy - during construction and use
5. To be less reliant on utilities (rainwater harvesting and renewables)
6. To have minimal impact on the surroundings and the environment. 
There is a significant drive now by governments, local authorities, agencies and local communities to provide more sustainable developments, to meet energy and environmental concerns for domestic, industrial and public buildings and spaces. 
Innovative design and working with the community and other stakeholders on existing and new build projects can achieve the optimum socio-economic-environmental solutions.  Much can and is now being learnt from successful sustainable and more affordable constructions locally, nationally and internationally.  Clean Energy Solutions can facilitate this by making you more aware of what is on offer in terms of construction methods, green technologies and sustainable development grants. We aim to be the leading design consultancy for sustainable developments within West Cumbria to ensure communities can remain vibrant and more prosperous for ourselves and our future generations.
Energy efficient homes = better affordability = more local jobs = improved services = vibrant communities & more prosperity for the young and old
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